Sunday, April 5, 2009

Honestly Kids.....

We had a showing on the house today and only had about 15 minutes to prepare and get out for awhile. So we grabbed some juice boxes and headed for Womble Park. The boys had a great time and if I have to admit it, were probably two of the more obnoxious children there. But they are boys right? And I have been doing this long enough to opt not to be the playground monitor. There was an older woman there that was more than willing to do that for me. Only mostly she was talking to my children. Oops. :-) Boys will be boys. One of Ethan's former preschool teachers asked me once if I was raising him to be a man or a woman? Enough said; since then I have tried to back off and let him push and shove and do what boys do best - be physical. Within limits of course. So about those juice boxes we grabbed running out of the house. I have read about them on other blogs but have never seen them in the store until last week. They are called Honest Kids and they are organic. HFCS free juices made especially for children. They are mostly water with a splash of juice so no fillers, no artificial coloring, no artificial sugars, etc. And the best part about it, the boys loved them. I found them at Babies R Us, if anyone is interested; 3 boxes for $9.99. Hope you enjoy our park photos.

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