Thursday, July 29, 2010

Busy Week

We have had a fun and busy week around here.
We started out playing superheros. Owen has such a great imagination. I love to sit and watch/listen to him play.
Eliza likes wearing her brothers capes. She might need a hot pink one, Mimi.
She gets her feelings hurt very easily.
I just told her to take the watch out of her mouth.
Hurt feelings, but great listener.
One afternoon we set up our play mat and got out all our animals, planes, cars, trucks, etc.
You see the dinosaurs in the back? They were terrorizing our city.
And she has learned to roar like a dinosaur.
We saved a turtle today from meeting his destiny. He was inside his shell and upside down in the middle of the road. Didn't stand a chance.
And so Owen wanted to put his turtle in his shell too. See, I am teaching him something. :-)
And Aunt Jan sent the children a package because Ethan lost his second tooth recently. Water balloons was one of the surprises.
And they loved them.


Saturday, July 24, 2010


That's what I feel like I have done for the past week with this blog. Not that I haven't had plenty to write about, I have just been to dog gone tired to do it. Last week was vacation bible school at church so I had the boys out until about 9pm and then it was about 9.30 when I would get them in the bed. By that time, I was ready for bed myself. Not to mention, I haven't taken any pictures this week that I can think of. I am finding it more difficult to take pictures of Eliza out in public because she is all over the place and I really need both hands free and my eyes not looking through a lens to keep up with her.

Our days have been spent with friends, at birthday parties, poolside and back and forth dropping off and picking up Ethan. We are loving every minute of our new life and I am finding that either I have more patience with my children or they are not as troublesome since we have cut out the rushing from here to there. Whatever it is, it feels great!

This week we will have more time with friends, hopefully be poolside a few mornings (it makes for a great nap for Eliza), dropping off items for consignment and meeting with Ethan's teacher about being a room mom. Forecast is calling for a wonderful week. And hopefully I will even squeeze in some pictures here and there.


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Losing #2

Ethan lost his second tooth today. He was eating lunch and I said let me look at that tooth again. I could pull it all the way forward so I told Chris it was time. I am so glad Chris does this because it really wigs me out.
He is learning to negotiate. First tooth it was just ice cream for dinner.
Second tooth, ice cream for dinner and a smore for lunch.
The tooth fairy is more prepared this time. :-) Now if I can just keep Owen from taking the tooth.
He has two top teeth loose also. He may be singing "All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth" this year.


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer Rain

We had a wonderful summer rain this afternoon.
Eliza loved it.
She would come inside the garage to see Chris and I for a brief minute before taking off back out in the rain.
She was pulling me along, down the driveway.
Doesn't she just look sneaky?
Off she goes again.
Giggle, giggle, giggle.
One more time for daddy to chase her.
We had so much fun!

We can mark this off our summer bucket list. I love a summer rain and it seems like my girl does too.


Hey Batter, Batter, Batter

Ethan had another t ball game this morning so we packed up everyone +gear and headed out early. He has had some practice now so batting is a piece of cake.
Run. Run. Run.
Daddy waiting at first base. Chris is doing so great with these children. It makes my heart sing to watch him talking to them. He is so gentle, yet is teaching them just enough that they are learning without overwhelming them with too much information at once.
Made it to third.
And bringing it home.
Good game. Good game. Good game.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Baby Has a New Love

What an evening! Let me just get that out there right off the bat. We were on E after picking Ethan up from school so we stopped at the gas station to fill up and when I got back in the car to drive us home, the car wouldn't start. Hmmmm.......that's odd. I tried again. Knowing I was just, literally, at the park picking up Ethan and all was well. Nothing happened so I called Chris. Ummm.......Honey, can you come get us? So he leaves work to get us and thinks it is the battery so he runs home to get the jumper cables. Owen went with daddy and Ethan, Eliza and I stayed at the car, because despite it being 900 degrees outside it was a bigger pain to move the car seats for a 10 minute ride. So while we were waiting I thought we would go inside and get a drink. Eliza's cheeks were as red as tomatoes and Ethan's hair was drenched and he literally had sweat pouring down his face. We get inside and Ethan sees the Icee machine and knows exactly what he wants. Now, I should say up front that I am not the one that buys the Icees - that's daddy's thing with the kids. But really with it being 900 degrees outside and all, I figured we could all use something as cold as possible.

Look who has a new favorite drink.
If I told you she loved it, I would be grossly underestimating the value of this treat.
And yes, I know it has a bajillion grams of sugars in it.
And red numbers 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.
Whatever that is.
But I also know this girl had 3 shots today at her "wellness" appointment.
And her mommy got into an argument with the doctor because I declined the 3 other shots he wanted to give her. 6! All at once. Really? 6? Am I the only one who thinks that seems like a lot?
And he was all "I hope she doesn't get MMR in the next 6 months." And I was all "Yea, me too." And he was all "But you are her mother." And I was all "Yea, you got that right."
And we sat in a hot broken down car for 45 minutes and it was 900 degrees out.
And sometimes a girl just wants an Icee because they are icee cold and yummy.
And I would argue she deserved it.
It's bath time now. And baby doesn't like it when you take things away from her. Like her baby blanket or her Icee.
But she rebounds well.