Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Home Again, Home Again

We spent the past several days in West Virginia visiting with Chris's side of the family and celebrating birthdays.
Most everything was decorated for Eliza's birthday since it was her first. I am also having a party for Ethan this weekend that will be just for him.
(yes, I had the Z backwards; thank goodness for my husband!)
Chris's mom (aka MiMi) always far exceeds any of my expectations when I plan parties for the children at her house. She made the owls in the top picture, she made pink and green tableclothes for all the tables, she filled a baby pool with saw dust and put lots of coins in it for the children to find and made little bags to hold their coins.
Can you see the baked bean hand prints on the balloons? :-)
We did Scooby Doo for Ethan's part of the party.
He loved it!
I even overheard him telling Owen that this was the best party ever.
When we weren't celebrating birthdays we were practicing our cannon balls.
He also learned how to jump off of daddy's shoulders and into the water.
There was a lot of courage gained this trip.
Notice Owen's hair is completely wet. He was going underwater all by himself, blowing bubbles and even jumping in and going under some. He told me he was really ready for swim lessons now so I will be working on that for him this week.
And last night Chris and I went to the dollar store and picked up a few things for the boys to play with just to get them outside for awhile.Chalk and bubbles = Summer Fun
If you would have ever asked me whether my children would have any hint of blonde to their hair I would have said No Way! And just look at these dirty blondes. :-) Just one of the many things that I love about summer.
And what would a summer night be without chasing lightening bugs
and sparklers
We had a great trip! Thanks MiMi and PawPaw for having us.