Monday, July 12, 2010

Norman Rockwell'ish

Last year when I was looking at Ethan starting kindergarten I used to dream of walking him to school. It briefly crossed my mind that we would move back to N. Raleigh to the rental house because the elementary school was so close. It was lovely, these visions. Fast forward a year later and I have quit my job now and Ethan has started 1st grade. Perfect! We will walk to school, only our school isn't exactly right around the corner. Well, it is, but it isn't. So there we go. Walking. Eliza in the stroller and Ethan and Owen beside me. Well, kind of beside me. Ethan was falling behind and Owen was running ahead yelling "Yahoooooo." By 10 minutes into the walk, I was carrying Ethan's book bag and he was complaining. By 20 minutes into the walk he was really far behind and really complaining. By 40 minutes into the walk, we were finally at his school. Before he walked into the building he said "are we going to do this again when you pick me up?" I said yes and he said noooooooooo. :-)

The walk home was pretty rough for Owen. He fell walking down the hill from the school but didn't have a choice but to keep walking home. It was starting to get hot, sweat was pouring down his face and he was starting to get cranky. But we made it. Knee is bandaged and he is napping. Ah, the silence.

I suppose we will end up driving to the park and walking from there instead of trying to walk from the house from now on. Maybe they aren't quite big enough yet but one day........


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bellaboheme said...

That IS a long walk. I did that from Brook Arbor for awhile. We only had one vehicle for 2 years, so we walked and sometimes they rode the bus. Good times....usually..;)