Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I had this loving letter to Ethan written in my head for today's post. Today marks his 6th birthday and I was going to talk about how he made me a mother for the first time.
How he always has been and always will be my guinea pig; like he and I can take on the world together and the rest of the family kind of falls in behind us.
How he has always accepted that I don't always know what I am doing but he loves me and trusts me all the same. How he was my first love.
The first time I felt my heart beat outside my body.
All these wonderful things that are so true about him and about he and I together.
And really, it did start out that way. He woke up this morning to 6 balloons in his bedroom. Then we made our way downstairs and made banana and chocolate chip waffles.
We topped the waffles with whipped cream and a candle and sang happy birthday.
Everyone was doing so wonderfully just playing and enjoying our morning that we decided to forgo the pool and just hang around here.
They built houses and made sausage biscuits.
Then we decided to get out and run some errands. I needed to pick up a pair of baseball pants for Ethan's game tomorrow and some supplies for his friend birthday party on Saturday. And then I drove by the movie theater and that's when it started going downhill. I had the best of intentions. It is his birthday, what fun would it be to see Toy Story 3 on your birthday? So we did. I had a bottle for Eliza and thought it is about her nap time so...........yeah - not so much. She was so excited to see the big screen and noises and all the people - oh my! She downed the bottle and sat right back up as if to say "now what?" I took a deep breath and just knew I was in trouble. And I was. I sat in the floor with her and tried to manage her between me and the boys. Then thought well, if I get some food from the concessions maybe that will help, but she stuck her hand in the cheese sauce for the nachos and started screaming when I tried to clean her up. So we headed out to the lobby thinking I will walk her for a bit and she will fall asleep. More like scream crying for the rest of the movie. She fell asleep just as the credits were rolling.
The boys enjoyed it though. At least I don't think they thought anything of it.
Imagine their surprise when we got home and they had a package on the porch from Aunt Jan and it was Toy Story legos!
Excited just wouldn't suffice to describe how overjoyed they were.
So we put them together immediately.
And finally, we wrapped up with dinner and a bit of cake. And more singing.
And this little wanted us to sing to him too.
As for this little punk.....
If only she had taken her nap today.
She could have had cake too.

Happy 6th Birthday my sweet, sweet Ethan. You have brought me more joy over the last 6 years than I could have ever dreamed. I love you sweet baby boy.

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