Monday, February 28, 2011

Just Her Style

Eliza has her own sense of style.
She typically is involved in picking out either what she wears or part of what she wears any given day.
Like yesterday for church, she wanted to mix up her shoes. The two she is wearing in these pictures. I tried to get her to match them but really wasn't interested in the fight that was starting so I gave up and let her mix them up.
She is definitely a bit off beat when she picks out her clothes. Likes to layer and likes shoes.
Just her style.

Park Days

I can feel it. Spring it literally right around the corner. We will have a day of 75 degrees followed by a 50 then back up to 80 (today!) then back down to 60. But spring it coming and with it, park days.
We have been meeting some moms from our church once a week for play dates in the morning.
It has been wonderful for me to get to know other moms and wonderful for Eliza to get outside and play.
A few days we have been able to go with Owen, but usually he is at school in the mornings.
So just me and my girl, which is very telling of what this fall is going to be like when both boys are at school.
How easy is that going to be??? Down to just one kid during the day.
We usually pack a snack or even a lunch depending on how long we are going to be able to stay.
And then just get to the park and camp out for several hours.
Those days make for really great afternoon naps. For the baby, of course. :-)

Deck Progress

We have made a lot of progress in the last week.
I just haven't been able to keep up lately posting pictures. This is a good bit of one of the 4 or 5 loads of wood we (read Chris) hauled off.
Almost gone.
Sweet girl.
And gone.
You see that big root/stump? Chris dug up about 5 of those before he could proceed roping the deck off.
And roped off. Yesterday after church he and the boys spent the afternoon filling these cylinders with rocks and concrete then a little screw bolt kind of thing sticking up that will attach to something else that is silver, which will eventually fit on the bottom of a post. At least I think.
Because this deck is going to be bigger than the one we had, I have had to relocate my day lilies yet again.
So this morning Owen, Eliza and myself worked on the bank behind the house. Clearing, raking and then replanting day lilies. We were filthy! Of course, Owen and Eliza played in the dirt just as much as they were working. So after we had moved all the lilies we came in so they could have a mid afternoon bath. I think those kinds of baths are the best kind. We weren't in a hurry to get out for bed or anything special. Just relaxing, getting clean and having fun. After bath they both got dressed and climbed in the bed for some cartoons. I think they deserved it.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

House Projects

We had a very busy day today.
It started with moving our straw bales out into the yard.
And then watering them. We are supposed to soak them for 7 days before we put dirt on top. I think the boys are going to enjoy this part.
And once we moved the straw bales off the deck, we thought we would go ahead and move everything off the deck.
Because when your husband wakes up on Saturday thinking he is going to sit around and do nothing all day. And you wake up thinking we are really going to do something today.
You have to be prepared to motivate your employees.
And motivate I did.
We started tearing down our deck today.
Chris has always said the deck was one of the worst things about this house.
So it is all coming down and we are going to find another plan that suits us better.
And Chris will be able to add deck builder to his resume.
And don't let this little one fool you. She was in the middle of everything today mostly helping me carry wood from the backyard to Chris's truck. I say what's the point in having three children if you can't get them to work.

And this project is wrapping up; painting the kitchen. And with that I was finally able to put up the vinyl sign that Aunt Jan gave me for Christmas.It feels good to complete projects. I think the only room left now that hasn't been painted is our master bath. And well, that's going to take more than a coat of paint to fix.

Friday, February 18, 2011

A Day at the Park

One of the ladies at my church has started a group on Facebook for the moms and dads of young children to connect and meet for play groups.
Today was our first time getting the kids together.
Owen knew a couple of kids there that are in his Sunday school class and was very excited about that.
I told the other ladies I didn't know how much socializing I would be able to do.
While Owen is at a great age for me to sit back and let him loose at a playgroundThere is another certain someone
who was constantly
Most of the time we were at the park, I was following along behind her just like this.She even looks slightly annoyed. :-)
Doesn't she look so big? I told her the other day she was looking more and more like 2!
She loves these rocking type things at parks.
Only these didn't rock that well. It think the expression on her face is so funny in this one. She is working so hard to make this duck rock.
Owen discovered this tire like swing and had a few friends sitting on it with him for awhile. He would just go around and around and around. I asked him if he was getting dizzy but he insisted he wasn't. Made me dizzy watching him.
Off to look at the water from the bridge.
It was a good day.
A very good day.