Monday, February 14, 2011

Our Seedlings and Pottery

Well, we are on our way to straw bale gardening.
Our seeds are taking off. The ones above are mostly tomatoes and maybe some basil, I really can't remember.
These are peppers.

Any day now I should start saturating the straw bales. I am still trying to decide what area of the back yard gets the most full sun. I was thinking on the deck, but Chris has been talking about tearing it down within the next few months and building a new one. So now I am not sure where to put them.

And on to the pottery.....
Ethan is very privileged to have the opportunity to use a pottery wheel in art class. He made a smaller vase last year and just completed this one last week.
I love it! It is sitting on the kitchen window sill right now but I may move it around when I decide what to put in it. For now, I just like looking at when I wash dishes.

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