Friday, February 18, 2011

A Day at the Park

One of the ladies at my church has started a group on Facebook for the moms and dads of young children to connect and meet for play groups.
Today was our first time getting the kids together.
Owen knew a couple of kids there that are in his Sunday school class and was very excited about that.
I told the other ladies I didn't know how much socializing I would be able to do.
While Owen is at a great age for me to sit back and let him loose at a playgroundThere is another certain someone
who was constantly
Most of the time we were at the park, I was following along behind her just like this.She even looks slightly annoyed. :-)
Doesn't she look so big? I told her the other day she was looking more and more like 2!
She loves these rocking type things at parks.
Only these didn't rock that well. It think the expression on her face is so funny in this one. She is working so hard to make this duck rock.
Owen discovered this tire like swing and had a few friends sitting on it with him for awhile. He would just go around and around and around. I asked him if he was getting dizzy but he insisted he wasn't. Made me dizzy watching him.
Off to look at the water from the bridge.
It was a good day.
A very good day.

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