Monday, February 28, 2011

Park Days

I can feel it. Spring it literally right around the corner. We will have a day of 75 degrees followed by a 50 then back up to 80 (today!) then back down to 60. But spring it coming and with it, park days.
We have been meeting some moms from our church once a week for play dates in the morning.
It has been wonderful for me to get to know other moms and wonderful for Eliza to get outside and play.
A few days we have been able to go with Owen, but usually he is at school in the mornings.
So just me and my girl, which is very telling of what this fall is going to be like when both boys are at school.
How easy is that going to be??? Down to just one kid during the day.
We usually pack a snack or even a lunch depending on how long we are going to be able to stay.
And then just get to the park and camp out for several hours.
Those days make for really great afternoon naps. For the baby, of course. :-)

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