Saturday, February 19, 2011

House Projects

We had a very busy day today.
It started with moving our straw bales out into the yard.
And then watering them. We are supposed to soak them for 7 days before we put dirt on top. I think the boys are going to enjoy this part.
And once we moved the straw bales off the deck, we thought we would go ahead and move everything off the deck.
Because when your husband wakes up on Saturday thinking he is going to sit around and do nothing all day. And you wake up thinking we are really going to do something today.
You have to be prepared to motivate your employees.
And motivate I did.
We started tearing down our deck today.
Chris has always said the deck was one of the worst things about this house.
So it is all coming down and we are going to find another plan that suits us better.
And Chris will be able to add deck builder to his resume.
And don't let this little one fool you. She was in the middle of everything today mostly helping me carry wood from the backyard to Chris's truck. I say what's the point in having three children if you can't get them to work.

And this project is wrapping up; painting the kitchen. And with that I was finally able to put up the vinyl sign that Aunt Jan gave me for Christmas.It feels good to complete projects. I think the only room left now that hasn't been painted is our master bath. And well, that's going to take more than a coat of paint to fix.

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