Thursday, February 3, 2011

Park Days Continued.....

We are trying to teach Ethan to ride his bike without training wheels.
It is kind of going ok, I suppose. He did go for about 15 feet or so by himself a few times.
But then he forgets to pedal and just falls overand then complains. And cries.
That's when I have to hand it over to Chris. Who is able to dig a lot deeper than me and find more patience.And when his patience runs out he doesn't allow himself to get frustrated he just says let's do something else. We are such a good balance of each other.
He is indeed, the fun parent. So when we gave up the bike and just headed for the playground, everyone was much happier.
This one is already very protective of his little sister.
And she likes the attention.
I think Owen will always be a digger man.
He would really rather be right in the middle of dirt or sand or anything really that he can dig in than anywhere else.
Occasionally Ethan will join him, if it looks like Owen is having a lot of fun.
And Eliza just likes to be near them.
She is her mother's daughter.
Worried that Owen left his shoes elsewhere.
Watch me Daddy!
She loves these rocking ride things.
She can now go down the toddler slide herself. (By the way, barefoot in January! Love it!)
And with a little encouragement from her brothers
she just might be
a digger

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