Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Learning Experience: Friendship

Last week I helped out with one of Ethan's learning experiences. This time it was about friendship. They had been talking about friendship leading up to the learning experience. They had broken into groups of 3-4 children and created friendship monsters. They had written sentences about what it meant to be a good friend. They had all engaged in conversations with each other talking about things they could do to be a good friend. So their learning experience was just a celebration of everything they had been talking about that week.
The children decorated their boxes that they were going to use on Valentine's day to exchange their cards. They made cupcake liner flowers with a lollipop in the middle and they decorated cards to take to a local nursing home.Anytime there are stickers and markers involved they have fun. And there were plenty of both.
After all the crafting, they enjoyed homemade cookies with X's and O's on them. Ethan and I went to the nursing home on Sunday and dropped off the cards and some chocolates for the residents. He is growing into such a compassionate child with a desire to serve others and I could not possibly be more proud of him.

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