Saturday, July 10, 2010

Birthday with Friends

We celebrated Ethan's birthday today for just Ethan (no sharing with his sister) and he wanted to invite several of his friends over for pizza, playtime and a movie. This is the cake I made for the "movie night."
I used to make all the boys cakes until it just seemed like I couldn't get ahead and was too tired to take the time and do it. This is one thing that excites me about staying home now - having time.
Doesn't he look more like 9 in this picture?
He is growing up way to fast for my liking.
One of the gifts he received was 3D side walk chalk.
Ethan was skeptical at first until I pointed out which colors were up and which ones were down.
At which point I must have heard "it's really popping" about 186 times.
"it's popping"
The orange, "it's really popping."
We had 9 boys in our house tonight and each of them had a weapon of some sort; lightsaber, sword, gun, etc. I had no idea we had so many weapons in our house. I just knew there would be tears from someone, but nope. They did fine. Which is interesting. Literally 9 boys swinging weapons at each other and not one tear. Whereas I just have the two and there are tears everyday. How does that work? Chris said when one would get hit they would just say "I'm a Captain and Captains can't die." Then another boy would look at Chris and say "He's right. He's a Captain." So funny. Happy Birthday (again!) Ethan! Now that's it until you're 7!


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bellaboheme said...

Hilarious! Captains can't it! They were so good, all of them...what a fun party ;-)-