Sunday, July 11, 2010

Memories for Sale

10 cents a pail.
I spent most of the day today going through the kids clothes and getting them ready for a consignment sale at the end of the month. I have consigned a few things before when Owen was about 2 but even then I didn't get rid of the "memory" items, just stuff I wasn't emotionally attached to. But today, I dropped the ax. I have to, right? I mean I can't keep everything. I am not saying it was easy though. Like these pajamas.
They were Ethan's Christmas pjs when he was 18 months old.
And then Owen's.
And this outfit that I can't find any pictures of Owen wearing, but I had to buy it at Cracker Barrel after dinner one night because he had an accident and it was blowing snow outside so he couldn't leave the restaurant in just his diaper. I can't believe I paid full price for it!
And this
Ethan wore this to his first Halloween party at Icoria with daddy when he was about 3 months old.
I haven't been able to part with these yet.
Owen won "cutest baby" in our neighborhood costume contest with the Squirt costume.
I haven't parted with the Tulane sweatshirt yet either. I think Eliza can support the Green Wave before it retires. Chris wants to hold onto all the WVU attire too. You know, just in case Chad and Cam have children one day. Ha! Not Chad and Cam together, (hi!) but you know what I mean.
But overall, I am letting go of a lot and it makes me sad. I wish I could just stop the clock and hang onto the right now for awhile. Well, except for the 15 minutes that I locked Ethan outside on the porch today because he wouldn't stop screaming. I wouldn't want to stop that exact 15 minutes. :-)


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bellaboheme said...

on the porch....HAAAAA ha ha ha...did he play with Stella the Snakekillah?