Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I *Heart* My Bink Bink

My boys never attached themselves to anything. I remember thinking that wasn't normal and actually asking their pediatrician what I should do about it. ha! I am quite certain the pediatrician thought I had lost my mind. I tried blankets, lovies, pacifiers, teddy bears, you name it, I probably tried it. They just didn't care. In the end, Ethan soothed himself by snapping my fingernails, my ring finger or my pinkie preferably, and Owen soothed himself by running his fingers through my hair. A true testament to mama's boys, I suppose. Not this girl though. She loves her blanket, i.e. bink bink. When I am rocking her before nap time if I don't have it for her to snuggle she will grunt and reach for it. She pulls it up to her face and just holds it. It is the sweetest thing. You can bet no matter where we are or what we are doing, her bink bink is not far off.
As for our day, it was just another wonderful day in the life. I get it that I only have Eliza and things will really liven up when the boys come home, but I cannot possibly put into words how happy I am to be home. Chris gets home from work and I am so at ease; just relaxed. There's no throwing dinner together. There's no sense of rushing or anxiety. It just flows. When we were walking home from the park this morning, Eliza had fallen asleep and I was just thinking to myself how incredibly blessed I am to have a husband who is not only supportive but encouraging of this decision. The only question I have is why did it take me so long to get here?

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