Monday, June 28, 2010

Not a Bad Start

We were up and at'em this morning and off for a morning walk by 7.15am. Sounds way too early, I know, but the temperature has been close to 100 degrees the past few days so I figured we should take advantage of 85 degrees while we could.
Snack ball - check.
Juice - check.
Water for mama - check.
Camera - check.
Let's roll baby!
We saw several bunnies along our walk and Eliza would get so excited; kicking her legs, flailing her arms. I would say bunny and bye bye bunny when we walked away and she would watch and listen so intently. She is starting to sound out words so well. Some things she is saying are: Hey there, What's that?, What's this?, Bye Bye, Dada, Mama, My, No No and Emma. I bet being home with me now her language is going to explode.
We made it to the park and she was more interested in pushing the stroller around than playing on the equipment. I think she is going to need a baby stroller for her birthday.
I did get her over to the slide but she was more interested in the mulch. :-)
We headed home after about 30 minutes for a snack.
We brought in some new toys from the garage this weekend for Eliza to discover.
See that black purse? It was mine when I was about 5 years old. :-)
And she loves it!


Anonymous said...

Eliza looks so grown up!!!!!

Glad the day is going great--knew it would!


Momastery said...

Happy First Day of Stay home momminess!

It's good stuff.



Love G