Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's a Beautiful Day!

Today couldn't have been better if I had written it myself. It started on shaky ground when Ethan woke up last night complaining of ear pain. So I took the day off today to take him to the doctor. Sure enough, he has an ear infection as well. But since today was the last day of school and Tuesday is his favorite special (computers) he insisted on going to school anyway. No fever. No other symptoms, just ear pain. So off he went. I kept my day off though and had a wonderful time with Eliza.
We headed out for a walk to the park. With blue skies like this, how could we not get outside and enjoy it. We were cruising along and I stopped to take a picture of her in the stroller.
And something was missing.......I had put a hat on her to help with the sun in her eyes. Where did the hat go??? So we turned around since I figured I was enjoying the day, looking around and didn't notice her chuck it to the side.
Yep! There it is. So off we go again.
We got to the park and she was very excited to get out of her stroller.
She played in the sand pit for awhile.
Tried to navigate the ups and downs of mulch.
Falling down a lot. But jumping right back up.
She played on some of the equipment, but was just as happy walking around exploring.
It is rare these days that I actually get photos of her looking at me. I am usually chasing her around.
So that I could get a few photos, I took her out in the middle of this grassy field and then turned around and ran back about 20 feet so I could get a few pictures of her facing me. :-)
She's faster than you would think. I love this little concentrated walk of hers. Each step is very deliberate. Each foot is planted firmly before she lifts the other.
We saw some blackberry bushes on the walk today and it reminded me of my mom. She used to tell me to be careful picking blackberries because snakes like blackberries and you never know when you step off the trail to pick some what you might find. Funny how that sticks with me even today. And you know what? Blackberries do tend to grow in "snake-y" looking areas.
When we got home it was time for a wardrobe change. She had tried to eat dirt and sand and her shirt was a mess. So we changed into this little dress that I thought was just precious.
She even left the bow alone for quite awhile. She is very interested in the laundry room right now and runs there as fast as her little feet and legs will carry her if she gets the chance.
She just knows something good is happening in that room. And the only reason I don't want her in there is because that's where the cat litter and cat food are kept.
She found her bow.
Bow off.
Headband off.
And now just carrying it.
Until mama sneaks it on again. I love this little girl. I hope she is feeling better tomorrow, as well as Ethan. He is sound asleep but she is in her room coughing her little head off. I hate it when my babies are sick.


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