Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Girl in Texas, A Day at the Pool and Dinner

So there is a girl in Texas who has a heart bigger than Texas. And if you are cynical, you will even say I don't even know this girl. But for me, she is one of the sweetest girls I know. I have never met her. The only things I know about her are that she has a precious little boy and girl. She is building a new house and can't pick out brick even if it would save her life. She loves bows bigger than her baby girls head. And her name is Lauren. She sent me a package last week with 3 pettiskirts and a top for me to use for pictures for Eliza. This is one of them.
How precious is that?
She looks so sweet sitting there like she doesn't even know that big flower is on her head. Ha!
Grabbing it (for no less than the 5th time).
And off. Again. If she only understood how cute head wear is.
I want to use this outfit for her birthday invitation but I am falling severely behind. At this rate, I doubt her invite will have her photo on it at all. Such is the life of a mama of 3.

Today was a very busy day in the Bordman home. It started with a project at Home Depot, then off to Target for a few groceries, then home quickly to change into our swimmers and finally ending with dinner with good friends.

Someone is getting brave.
That's Ethan. He is conquering his fear of the water slide. At least this one.

And this one. I don't know. Does it get any cuter?
She loved the water! Loved it!
She was all over the place.
Loved splashing in the water.
And this isn't the best picture of baby Owen, but I always say he and Ethan both have the most beautiful brown eyes. I wonder where they get them from. Ha!
This is precious. Eliza has her first girl friend, Katelyn.
Katelyn is Owen's age, slightly younger by only a couple of weeks. When I was home on maternity leave with him, Katelyn's mom would bring her son over to play with Ethan and she and I could hang out and nurse babies. All day it seemed. Now her baby is 4 and I have had a new baby. Apparently she didn't get the message that we were supposed to do this again. Together.
Katelyn is such a sweet girl. Very motherly.
Eliza picked up one of Katelyn's purses and was carrying it around tonight. I mentioned that I think Eliza might get her first purse for her birthday coming up. It wasn't 10 minutes later Katelyn returned with one of her purses to give to Eliza. She said, I don't play with this one anymore. Eliza can have it. So very sweet.



Anonymous said...

I'm crazy about the entire ensemble---tutu, pearls and flower. Love how the giant pearls and flower match. It's going to be a darling portrait!

Adventures on the Farm said...

T- LOVE the tutu--- Eliza looks precious cannot wait to see it all come together and I have no doubt that you will make E's 1st party incredible---- Hugs from Texas