Wednesday, June 2, 2010

These Are the Moments

Ethan and I were upstairs today and I picked him to come downstairs. As I approached the stairs I thought, hmmm.....I should probably put him down. It never fails that each time I approach stairs thoughts of falling go through my head. So I stood there holding him and the following conversation took place.

Me: Don't you think I should put you down before we go down the steps.

Ethan: No.

Me: What if I trip and drop you?

Ethan: I am holding on tight.

I squeezed him a little tighter just then and started down the steps.

The boys are loud and wild and mischievous and physical and they absolutely get on my last nerve, usually on a daily basis. But then I have these little moments where they stop me dead in my tracks and I think. Me too, Ethan. I am holding on tight too.

So we started down the steps. Slowly. No kidding. I have fallen down steps more times than I care to count. And when we reached the bottom, still carrying him:

Ethan: What are you doing?

Me: Taking you in here.

Ethan: Why? What are we going to do?

Me: I just need to love you for awhile.

And with that we crawled in bed and watched Between the Lions. Just the two of us while we waited on the others to get home.


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