Monday, June 21, 2010

Vacation Recap: Day 2

The second day was another lazy day at the pool. We had an appointment in the evening to have beach portraits taken so I didn't want to do much because I didn't want the kids to be over tired and grouchy. It looks like it is going to be several weeks before I get the beach portraits back but I will be sure to post them when I do. I hope they turn out good.

Ethan decided to try snorkeling.
He was very intrigued by the idea of breathing out of the snorkel with his face underwater.
And then he found the flippers.
I was pretty excited that he was curious about this because Chris and I went snorkeling on our honeymoon, many, many, many moons ago and had a good time. So hopefully we will be able to take the kids at some point. Glad to know Ethan wasn't scared to try it.
Just the boys.
Owen got a little too much sun the second day so after his bath I rubbed him down with after sun lotion and then told him to put his t shirt on for bed. I told him that's what summer feels like. Slightly red shoulders and pjs sticking to your back from the lotion. It feels great! Hello Summer!
And this one was just so excited about sleeping in bunk beds.
He thought it was really cool that he could stand up and his head touched the ceiling.
He wants bunk beds really bad right now. He was convinced while we were at this house for vacation that another family was at our house on vacation. Chris even said that the first thing he did when he walked in our house was go to his room to check to see if the people that stayed here while we were gone bought bunk beds for his room.

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Precious....but I have to ask where is that sweet baby girl and momma ;)