Friday, June 25, 2010

Vacation Recap: Day 6

We are in the home stretch now. Last Friday was another lazy day. I like that about our family vacations. We have an adverturous day and then the following day is more of a let's slow down day. That's what last Friday was.I don't have much to say about these pictures except how beautiful the colors are. The blue of the ocean, the pink of Eliza's dress and the excitement of the boys as they make a mad dash for the beach.
When we made it over the dune we came face to face with this.
We didn't build it.

But we conquered it. Just more sweetness

I love this little strut. This usually occurs when she is trying to regain her balance.

He told the waves to stop.
And I think the waves listen about as well as he does. :-)
And this one.
I just love him.
joy. pure. joy.

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