Sunday, June 20, 2010

Vacation Recap: Day 1

After a very long afternoon with baby in urgent care having a temperature of 103.5, more cleaning of vomit than I care to think about and crying and rocking for hours on end, we are settled back at home. Eliza's temperature broke finally and she has started an antibiotic. Hopefully tomorrow will bring a better day for her and Chris and I as well.

I am going to try to do a day by day of our vacation to catch up and try to keep myself from being overwhelmed with all the pictures. We must have taken 500 or so. Our first day was pretty stressful as is most first days when you are visiting a new town. Trying to get a feel for the place, get food in the fridge, unpack, get settled, etc. So here are just a few photos of our first day at the house.
We stayed at 707 Currituck Cay in Corolla, NC. It is in the Currituck Club which is a golfing community. Not ocean front but we did have a private pool and hot tub that the boys loved.
We didn't waste anytime jumping in the pool.
Even baby had a good time.
After a long day of driving, fun in the pool and a pre-bedtime bath, we decided we had to end our first night with ice cream at Grammy B's.
So off we went in our pjs. Well, the kids in their pjs. Not me and Chris.
The boys had birthday cake ice cream with sprinkles, of course.
A wonderful ending to a hectic day. Goodnight Corolla.

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful retreat! I would LOVE that kind of trip!! Glad to have you home. :o) I know you are already planning your summer with the kids. Enjoy! :)