Monday, June 14, 2010

Eliza, You Are 11 Months!

Happy 11 Months little girl!

I don't have pictures to post until we get home but here are some things you are up too.

This morning you were watching the Today show with mommy and daddy and you saw the people outside the studio waving as the camera was cutting to a commercial and you started waving back at them.

When daddy gets you in the morning you come to our bed and drink your bottle then the two of you get up to go downstairs and start the coffee. You always sit straight up in daddy's arms, so proud and excited, and wave bye bye to me like the two of you are going on an adventure.

You love to clap your hands when we say Yay!

You shake your head from side to side when we say No, No. At first this was just you learning to move your head from side to side, but now if I try to give you something you don't want, you shake your head no.

So far you like swimming. We have joined a pool at home and you enjoy splashing in the water.

You are eating anything and everything that we eat now. You are down to about 3-4 bottles a day and everything else is table food. You are doing very well learning to drink from a sippy cup too.

You are walking like a champ. You started walking when you were just over 10 months old. About a week or two earlier than your brothers. Sometimes when you are walking and I am a few steps ahead of you, you will stretch your hand out towards me and walk faster trying to catch up so we can walk and hold hands. I love this.

You are very determined and have quite an attitude for only being around for 11 months. You make it very clear to all of us when you want something by yelling/grunting loudly at us.

You had your second ear infection this month.

About a week ago you were following me around the kitchen saying "ma ma", "ma ma." You don't talk much but you have said bye bye, ma ma and da da. Not often. But you have done it a couple of times.

You are into your 12 month clothes now which I love because you have so many cute things. And I bought you your first real pair of shoes. A sweet pair of Stride Rite white sandals with pink flowers on them. Size 3.5.

I am in the midst of planning your first birthday party and the theme is going to be owls. Here is one of the images that we are using.
You are so much fun! Even during your grumpy moments, which are few and far between.

We love you Baby B!



bellaboheme said...

I LOVE Owls! If I had a would be all owls all the time, in pink of course!!
Happy 11 to babybella.

Anonymous said...

SO cute--love the theme (loved them ALL, but this is adorable, I agree!)