Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Vacation Recap: Day 4

One week ago today was Chris's 36th birthday. We went to the grocery store the night before to pick out a cake for him and decided on this one.
Because, really, where else can you get a blue crab cake except at the beach? I started to put 36 candles on it but the cake was pretty small and it just seemed like the candles were going to take up the whole cake (ha!) so I wrote a 36 with the candles instead. Happy 36 and 1 week birthday daddy!

After lunch we got ready and headed out to the Currituck Lighthouse.
I will be the first to admit this wouldn't have been my first pick of a lighthouse to visit. I mean Ocracoke, Hatteras and Cape Lookout are all so nostalgic looking, but once we got there, I quickly learned that the Currituck Lighthouse is simply gorgeous. Simple. Brick. And yes, even nostalgic.
While we were waiting in line to climb to the top baby decided to go rummaging.
Hmmm......what's this?
Before we could go up I had to sign a consent for the children. I am quite certain it was something like "don't sue us, if your child falls overboard." It's safe though, right?
The boys posing in front of the wishing well.
Said wishing well
Starting our ascent
Taking a break. Mind you, the boys didn't want to take any breaks at all. The further up you go, the more narrow the climb is, the more narrow the stairs are, the hotter it is, etc. And then you reach the top and you see this.
And it is simply breathtaking.
I was so happy to get home and see this picture above of the boys. Chris was nervous when we got to the top because Owen (of course!) shot around the top before we could get out the door and watch him. Chris wanted the boys to get back inside the lighthouse and start back down and even said "Can you please get Owen?" So it got me thinking later that afternoon. Did I seriously just let my children run around the top of a lighthouse that was unsecured and about 150+ feet high??? Really, I was sick at my stomach that night. Then we got home and uploaded the photos and I saw that there were rails all around. I suppose they still could have fallen, but it was fairly unlikely.
Looking down
And back up
Back down on the ground, Ethan just took baby's water. Nobody takes baby's water! ha!
After the lighthouse climb, we walked around the way to the horse museum/gift shoppe to look around.
And, I just took his shoes again.
This used to be the old Corolla Schoolhouse years ago. After checking out the horse museum/gift shoppe we walked out on a dock to take in the view of the sound.
Let's head home
for some freeze pops
Whenever Eliza eats something really cold, she always makes this face like "how do you people eat this stuff???" But then she always comes back for another bite. :-)
I have to say, it was a great day!

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