Monday, June 7, 2010

Ice Cream Party and CVS

Tomorrow is the last day of kindergarten! I know, can you believe it???? I sure can't. Where did this year go? I am saddened and excited all at the same time for Ethan. He has learned so much this year. His confidence is soaring which is the thing that I am most proud of. Today they had an ice cream party for the children to celebrate the end of the year.
He just spotted me.
Anxiously waiting their turn for the ice cream bar.
Ah, sweet relief.
Vanilla ice cream, Nerds, chocolate sauce and strawberries. I was quite impressed he got a few strawberries instead of more candy.
Ethan and Mrs. Glover.
Post ice cream, reading by choice.
After everyone had finished their ice cream, Mrs. Glover called up each child and gave them a book, a bookmark with their name on it and a silly band. They were so proud of themselves.
Way to go Ethan! I am so proud of you too!

Eliza came home sick today from day care. She had a fever all day of about 101 so after dinner tonight I took her to urgent care to find out she has an ear infection. So off to CVS we go to fill the prescription. It never fails when I show up at CVS, the pharmacist is on break. Every time. Really. So Eliza and I walked around the store for about 15-20 minutes killing time. She was picking up anything and everything and walking around with it. Shaking it. Putting back in the wrong place. Rearranging everything she could get her hands on. At one point she picked up two bags of Halls cough drops (probably because the bags crinkle) and carried them around. Whenever I tried to take them from her she yelled at me and jerked them away from me. It's funny at 10 months, not so funny at 3 years. So either Chris or myself will be home with her tomorrow. Most likely I am thinking it will be me. Chris has a big project he is working on and trying to get finished before we go on vacation next week.

So that's it for us. Just taking care of babies.


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