Sunday, June 27, 2010

When Every Day is Saturday

What does one do when every day feels like Saturday? Well, tomorrow I am about to find out. I resigned from my job 3 weeks ago and tomorrow is my first day in my new profession. Stay at Home Mom, or SAHM, if you will. This is a decision I have struggled with for years. And about 2-3 years ago I resigned and our family was moving to Ohio for Chris to take a new job and for us to be somewhat closer to his family. Only I never could have peace about it and 3 days after he and I resigned, I asked for our jobs back. :-) And the world kept spinning.

Then Eliza was born. And the craziness of a newborn started all over. Only this time, I had one in kindergarten which made a huge difference in our home. I wanted so desperately to be a part of Ethan's class. To volunteer, go on field trips and show up for lunch. And I was able to do these things but not without a price. For the most part I was the one that paid that price with sleepless nights and longer work hours. But I managed to "tread water" as I called it for a year. And then he tracked out from kindergarten, heading into 1st grade and I was staring at Eliza turning 1 year old and I thought - I don't want to do "it" all anymore. I don't have to be super mom anymore. I want to just be mama. Plain and simple. No fancy title, no annual raise or bonus. No paid vacation or sick time. None of it. Just mama.

So tomorrow starts the first day of my new career. And we might just start it at the pool. Or maybe we will be dancing while we eat our breakfast. Or maybe we will wear tutu's and take pictures. Who knows? But I can promise you we aren't going to rush anymore. We are going to play in the sun and take walks in the rain. We are going dance and sing and giggle. We are going to smile and know we don't have anywhere we have to go. We are just going to sit back and see where the world takes us. Me and my girl. And when the boys get home, we will really shake it up a little.

Cheers to whole lot more laughter and happiness in the Bordman home.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your next chapter! Very pleased for you! HOORAY! :) :)

Adventures on the Farm said...

Oh Tricia-
I am soo happy for you enjoy that adventure you deserve to have it all!! HUGS

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add...when I first left my job, I became insanely busy. Way busier than needed and too crazy. I started digging into my bows and did every volunteer activity known to creation.

Don't do what I did---try to embrace the quiet. Cherish your kids every breath. I am really thinking that I am meant to be working outside the house because I am always finding something to make my life more busy and cause zingers for the rest of my crew. Next chapter for me is a career change, but the busy bows stuff keeps me grounded. I wouldn't change the last two years of my life for anything. Leaving my oppressive role was so worth it and has allowed me to ponder the next steps of my life.

Being a SAHM mom is VERY BUSY (much to my husband's opinion), very rewarding and so priceless. Enjoy!!!

Relax by the pool this summer and breathe that summer air. You so deserve it, sister!!!!!!!!!

bellaboheme said...

you are awesome!