Saturday, April 10, 2010

Adventures in Tooth Fairy'ing

First of all, let me say, that when I was a child I remember getting fifty cents or a dollar at best for losing teeth. However, Christopher was accustomed to getting toys, Star Wars figures to be exact. Ethan knows what the tooth fairy is capable of and chooses to believe in Chris's tooth fairy and not mine. So tonight I set out for Target on a mission to find something from the Tooth Fairy. I looked at everything you could think of and kept coming back to not wanting to spend that much money. I ended up with a Tom and Jerry movie for $10 but didn't feel great about it. So I sent Chris out when I got home to see if he could come up with something better. With the understanding that I didn't want to spend more than $10; and really $5 would be great.

So off he goes and I get the boys in the bed. I put the tooth in Ethan's pillow and then come in my room to put my pajamas on. Ah, finally - quiet. When out of the corner of my eye I see Owen on the floor in the hallway. I get dressed and go out to tell him to get in the bed and he stands up slowly, not taking his eyes off me.

Me: What's wrong, Owen?
Owen: I can't find Ethan's tooth.
Me: Why would you be looking for Ethan's tooth?
Owen: It isn't in his pillow.
Me: Where is it?
Owen: I don't know.

I turn on the light.

Me: Owen, you have 2 seconds to tell me what happened before I spank you.
Owen: I got it out of his pillow and I dropped it.

Really? Really? His first tooth and he is expecting the tooth fairy to come get it and now his little brother is going to know the tooth fairy didn't get it because he lost it.

So we are both on our knees scouring the floor trying to find it. I finally found it in Owen's room. Thank goodness.

Me: Owen, this tooth is not yours and it is none of your business. Get in the bed and I don't want to see you again tonight.
Owen: Ok, mommy.

So, Chris returns with an assortment of things to choose from. All of which are better than my movie. We are going with a Lego Star Wars t shirt for Ethan and he also picked up a Mario Brothers t shirt for Owen. Little punk.

Thanks to my friend Shannon for giving me the idea of the tooth fairy leaving Ethan a note. Here is what it says.

Dear Ethan,
I found your little tooth in your soccer pillow. I hope it came out without hurting too much.
Your tooth was very white and shiny. I think you are doing a great job brushing everyday.
Keep up the good work.

I left a little something for Owen too. Tell him to check under his pillow.

See you next time you lose a tooth.

Tooth Fairy


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Cheri said...

Don't you just love the whole tooth fairy thing....such a sign of a sweet chapter with our kids that will be all too fleeting! My Luke came out of his room crying once because the tooth fairy left him $5 worth of quarters...honestly, she thought it was a brilliant idea and thought he would think that was so cool to see all that loot...but he was in tears because he insisted, "The tooth fairy ripped me off!!!" My husband and I looked at each other bewildered until he pointed to the big bag of change he had been collecting on his dresser and he was convinced she took it from that bag. ....oh my, parenthood!! ;)

So glad you found me so I could in turn find your beautiful family! I loved seeing the picture of your little girl standing in the middle of the room....made me smile! I love when they first start doing that and they look too little to be upright! ;)