Saturday, April 17, 2010

Busy Day Saturday

Busy. That about sums up our day. It started with soccer this morning, then a birthday party. Eliza is sick so when we got home from the birthday party we took her prescription to CVS to be filled. Whoever thought to put blood pressure machines at pharmacies was a genius and I would like to hug their neck. That is the only thing that helped me keep my sanity during our 20 minute wait for the prescription to be filled. Eliza is sleeping for now, but I have a feeling we aren't going to get much sleep tonight overall. She is coughing so hard she is throwing up so if she wakes up at all and starts coughing tonight, we are in trouble.

I got a letter from the radiologist today. I have known for a few days now what the next step would be but something about getting that letter today kind of threw me. Maybe the all bold print where they tell me my mammogram and ultrasound was abnormal and I need to see someone immediately for a follow up. I knew this. My doctor called me on Tuesday afternoon and her voice was a little, well, like there was something she needed to talk to me about but she was uncomfortable doing so. So she beat around the bush a little and said the results from the radiologist were inconclusive so she wanted me to see a surgeon. She had already called them and they would be contacting me about an appointment soon. My appointment is Monday. Like I said, I knew all this on Tuesday but something about that letter today was not comforting at all. So, that's what I know. Hopefully the doctor I see on Monday will tell me everything is fine and we will just move on.

Nothing planned for tomorrow. Eliza will most likely skip church tomorrow since she is so snotty. Not sure yet if that means Chris will take the boys or me. We will see. Other than that, nothing on the agenda.


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Anonymous said...

Continuing to lift you, Tricia. As my thoughts continually drift to you over these last several days, I turn to prayer. Even gave the old knees a good workout.

The walk ahead, whatever it may be, will never, ever be a journey alone. I promise. Mommy friends, those "monkey" friends, Bible study friends, and this bow lady....lots of ladies who care about you.

My heavy heart is loving on you from afar and praying for favorable results. You can count on me to continue praying and be a listening ear. Hugs!