Monday, April 19, 2010

Ahhh.....Breathing a Little Easier

What a day! It started with my sweet friend Glennon writing this post on her blog and then all her our friends posting these wonderful things they were going to do today to put more positive energy into the world in the hopes that we would really get God's attention today. Because you know, and this is one thing that is hard for my human mind to wrap around, God is everywhere. But just in case, I just didn't want to feel like He was over in China today. I wanted Him right here in NC. And He was. All day. I felt His presence. As a matter of fact on my drive to the doctor today, this is the song that came on the radio.

My appointment went well. I still don't have a definitive answer as to what this thing is but the surgeon used the word cyst. And I tell you, I don't know that I have heard a more beautiful word in a very long time. I have an appointment to go back next Monday to have it removed and he is going to send it off for a full pathology report - and let me stop there to ask, why do people say a full pathology report? Shouldn't a pathology report alone be the full pathology report? Anyway.....after he gets the results from that, which he is confident are going to prove that this is nothing more than a cyst, he wants me to have a follow up mammogram in 6 months before he will fully release me. And I am completely ok with that. I felt so much love today from so many women. My sweet, sweet friend Shannon way up in Pennsylvania who adorns my dear Eliza with all her bows. A wonderful friend named Carol in the UK. A lovely friend named Rebecca who sat at dinner last night with her family and prayed for me. And there's a woman down in Texas who likes her bows as big as I do that I know she has been praying for me. Each of you have just helped my faith to grow a little deeper and a little stronger. You each inspire me to be better. Thank you.

And another praise - Eliza is feeling much better today and her cough is subsiding.

As my friend Glennon said when I told her the news:

"and all God's children said AAAAAMEN!"



Adventures on the Farm said...

Oh Tricia--I am so glad you gave an updated post as you have been on my mind lately-- Thank you Jesus for watching over Tricia-- we will continue to keep you in our prayers!!

Anonymous said...

That uncomfortable squeeze gripping my heart and gut all of a sudden feels so much better.

Praise God for such wonderful news!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miss Molly said...

Soo happy to hear your wonderful news!!

Glennon said...

feels good to exhale. thank you Jesus.

Love g

Jennifer said...

Fantastic news! Praise God!

Anonymous said...

Popping over from Shannon-have been praying for you and so happy to hear that you a hearing good things!!!