Thursday, April 15, 2010

Week of the Young Child

This week at preschool they are celebrating the week of the young child. Each day has been a little something fun for the children. Monday they had a parade; Tuesday was pajama day; Wednesday was wacky clothes/hair day; and today was favorite team day.
Even the littlest Bordman is going to have some 'Eer gear.
I am pretty sure this outfit came from Amber.
She is just a ham isn't she? She took a step tonight without holding onto anything. Hard to believe.

I volunteered in Owen's class this morning for an art project. I had all these hopes of doing something really fantastic with the children. But I have to be honest with you, having 3 kids and working full time is kicking my tail. So instead of staying up til 1am cutting out butterflies to make a mobile, we did finger painting. And I think the children loved it. Plain ole messy fun. Nothing fancy.

Speaking of kicking my tail, I think the dryer just went off. Better go fold the laundry so I can start the 3rd load tonight.



Glennon said...

finger painting is WAY FUNNER than mobile making.
next time, bring your laundry in and they can all learn to fold for art time! wooohoo!

your little girl is just breathtaking.

Brie Jenkins said...

I creeped over from Glennon's blog to check out yours and wow...your family is fan-dang-tastic. I have the same - 2 boys, 1 girl - but yours are sporting awesome duds and rocking some seriously precious headgear. Mine smell like kielbasa and always have ripped knees in their pants.

Many prayers, hugs and coffee.

Anonymous said...

Caroline was cruising at 9 months and walking at 10 months with a chronic purple and green spotted forehead that drew stares from all kinds of strangers in public. Ha! Your little one is so precocious, but we already knew that about Eliza. Go girlie go!!!