Monday, April 26, 2010

I do TOO, know about Star Wars

A few weeks ago Ethan came home from school with his feelings hurt. He said his friends were making fun of him and telling him he didn't know anything about Star Wars. And of course, they knew sooooo much. I mean, they are 5 years old and all. I tried to explain to him that it isn't important how many Star Wars characters you can name. And his reply was "I do TOO, know about Star Wars!" So try explaining to a 5 year old boy the lack of importance of his knowledge in Star Wars and I am sure you will learn just like me that when you are 5 your friendships can hang in the balance of how many Star Wars characters you can name. I tried to console him to no avail and Chris's answer was to have a Star Wars marathon and by golly we will learn them ALL! Not even George Lucas will be able to name a character that we will not have already known about. Well, the Star Wars drama came and went. The tooth fairy was sure to bring Ethan a t shirt with no less than 15 Star Wars characters on it and I am sure his friends thought he was the coolest. At least on that day.

Fast forward to today. Ethan comes home talking about Avatar. I had to pause and say, "what did you just say?" And Ethan politely said "Avatar." Hold on......

Me: How do you know about Avatar?

Ethan: Andy told me. (it should be noted that Andy is also the omniscient Star Wars guru of the kindergarten class)

Me: What does Andy know about Avatar?

Ethan: He saw the movie.

Ok - hold on a second. This is where the conversation turned to Chris and I. Avatar is rated PG-13 and last time I checked there aren't any 13 year olds in KINDERGARTEN! This is precisely what I am up against. I am trying to have my children hold onto Tom and Jerry who quite frankly can be a little violent at times. I mean really, Jerry takes sledge hammers and bashes Tom's head in for goodness sakes and there are children in Ethan's class who are going to see movies that are rated PG-13. Seriously people! Is it just me, or does this seem like a problem for anyone else? No wonder our children are growing up too fast, parents are LETTING them. Not only letting, but encouraging them! It blows my mind. These are the things that make me want to head for the hills and be a homeschooling family. Ethan will find more value in learning to take care of goats than he will in a James Cameron movie. I can promise you that.


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