Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Weather Wonders

Today was Ethan's Weather Wonders - Learning Experience. I volunteered to help at one of the stations and was assigned to the Pinwheel station. I wasn't able to get many photos of all the stations because the children were outside instead of in the classroom.
They were each given a piece of construction paper roughly 6 inches by 6 inches.
They drew pictures of weather related things. The boys drew a lot of tornados and hurricanes and the girls drew a lot of rainbows and suns. Typical I suppose.
Then they cut slits at each of the four corners diagonally towards the middle. One of the volunteers then folded each of the four corners in, put a push pin through the middle and then pushed the pin into the eraser of a pencil. It took me several tries to get it to actually spin like it was supposed to.
I can tell by the next couple of pictures that Ethan was equally perplexed as to why it wasn't spinning like he thought it should.
But we figured it out. 1) wiggle the push pin around so that the paper rotates effortlessly around the pin and 2) don't push the pin into the eraser quite so hard.

They also made rain sticks and an ocean in a bottle as well as ran through a weather obstacle course which consisted of wearing a rain poncho and carrying an umbrella. Very cute. Wish I could have caught that one in pictures.

After all the stations, the children enjoyed dirt cups for a snack.
We made a similar version of this over the weekend, only we used cake, ice cream and crushed oreos.


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