Friday, April 2, 2010

Upon Discovering Grass

We did quite a bit of yard work today and Eliza sat happily in her stroller while we kept the boys busy digging and cleaning up. When we were ready to call it quits on the working part I went inside and brought out a blanket for Eliza and I to play on.
It didn't take her long to want to venture out off the blanket.
She reached the edge and put one hand on the grass and then backed up and decided to reassess her adventure.
She would pick up one piece of grass at a time, look at it and then drop it and pick up another piece.
Much the same way Ethan did when he was about the same age.
Then she discovered dried leaves. She liked the way they crunched when she squeezed them.
But quickly learned they don't taste nearly as good as they look.
She wouldn't look at me the entire time I was trying to take her photo. She was so interested in the grass, leaves, sticks; all of it.
Except right at the end. I said "Yay!" and started clapping and she looked up at me and smiled.
Just this week she has started clapping her hands. Not necessarily impromptu, but she is learning. Each time she does it I am saying Yay! hoping she will start to learn that like she did Bye Bye. We are working on it.
As my uncle Randy said the other night when I asked him what he was going to be doing on Good Friday "just sitting around feeling good."

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