Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This Ain't No Teaspoon

The ladies in my bible study have been after me about my doctor's appointment so they were quick to ask me tonight if there was anything new. I told them about my mammograms and the ultrasound. There is one lady in our group that does this for a living and I could tell by the way she was looking at me and her lack of saying anything that she was concerned. But we moved on to the video and the work book and all agreed that we would pray. And I should stop right there to say, when I say these women said they would pray, they are not the "I will be thinking about you" kind of "praying". You know the kind. I used to be the kind. When I say these women will be praying, these women will be praying. Tonight. And when they wake up in the morning. And they will email me tomorrow. These women are prayer warriors. Seriously. Warriors. And these are precisely the kind of women I want in my life. Right now I don't care if you are thinking about me, if you ain't praying for me, then stop your thinking. You hear what I'm sayin'?

So tonight's lesson was about God delivering Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego from the fire. And we went over three scenarios of deliverance. Y'all, I ain't makin' this up, so stay with me.

Beth describes a situation for us. You found a lump. (You are still with me, aren't you?) You go to the doctor. (Don't leave me yet.) He/She confirms it is cancer. There are three possible scenarios that can play out.

1) We can be delivered from the fire. What's the dividend? Our faith is built.
2) We can be delivered through the fire. What's the dividend? Our faith is refined.
3) We can be delivered by the fire straight into His arms. What's the dividend? Our faith is perfected.

Now, I ain't gonna kid you and say that I would be happy with anything other than the first outcome. However............it's gonna be alright.

After the video was over several of the women gathered around me, three in particular who are much older than I and far wiser. They each hugged me and one kissed me on the head. This lady said, I know you already know this, but I am going to say it just in case. All in His time. It was no accident that you came to us last fall. It was no accident that God has brought you this far. It was no accident that you were here tonight to hear this message. And she is right. God doesn't make accidents.

God speaks to me every single day. Every. Single. Day. Loud. Often times multiple times a day. Sometimes in teaspoons and other times in heapings. And I am so grateful to have found this place of faith to rest. And my gratefulness for the women in my bible study? Words cannot express. I can only hope that one day I can be for someone else, what they are to me.

And lastly, just because she is a light in my life and her Mimi wants so badly to see a small bow in her hair.
She doesn't seem old enough to just stand up like that. She balanced herself just enough but for the most part just stood up, like that's what you do when you are 9 months old. Where did my baby go?



Momastery said...

i promise to be the not-full-of-crap praying kind. i will pray for you each night, sweet tricia. i promise. do you want me to ask the monkees, too? you say the word.

i am loving you and praying for you. real loving and real praying.

Anonymous said...

Dear sweet Tricia,

I have enlisted three of my MOST dependable prayer warriors. They are the real thing--none of that "I will" and "never do" kind of praying. My friends will be faithfully on their knees for you. Our sovereign God is always good. Love you!!


Miss Molly said...

Just read this after the reference on Momastery. Great post. I'm praying for you, honey. Real ones.. throughout the day.