Thursday, April 22, 2010

Final Kindergarten Field Trip

I was able to get some pictures from Ethan's field trip earlier this week. They walked to a local park from the school, which is really only about 1/8 of a mile and it connects to the back of the school. They met a science group there, HighTouch, HighTech and did some outside science-y type things. (Science isn't really my thing either!) Then they had a picnic lunch at the park and was able to play for awhile.

This is Ethan with his friend Nathan. I have mixed feelings about their friendship. They tend to get in trouble quite often and I am not naive enough to think it is always the other kid and not mine. Believe me when I say I know what my children are capable of. But I also think they fuel each other. However, Ethan talks about Nathan quite often.
And this one is of several children in his class. I honestly don't know them all, which is a shame considering I have volunteered there many times. It is the girls that I get confused with. They are all very pretty little girls, and many of them have long blond hair.
I think, from left to right, it is Savannah, Sydney, Nathan, Eliza, Julia (you can just barely see her head), Nicholas T, Ethan and Caden. To the far right is half of Cristian. And Mrs. Cooke is in the background. But see, just from that picture, how many of the children are blond, including the boys. See why it is hard?
And here is a bunch of silliness. :-) I think Ethan had a great time.

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