Sunday, April 18, 2010

Really Not Too Much

Eliza hasn't felt well today so I haven't bothered taking any pictures. The boys were outside this afternoon climbing trees and I thought about what a nostalgic blog post that could be. I loved climbing trees when I was little, but didn't bother coming inside to get the camera. I have started reading a new book.
I haven't gotten far enough into it to really talk about what it is about yet, but I will eventually.

Not sure if Eliza will make it to day care in the morning or not. I may be home with her and end up taking her to my doctor's appointment with me. We will see how she does tonight and in the morning. She has thrown up a few times today, but not because of flu like symptoms. She has a lot of drainage and gags easily so gets to coughing and ends up gagging herself. Unfortunately that means I end up covered in regurgitated milk. Yuck. Yeah, I stink. Having a sick baby can really put you in a funk.

We have a busy week coming up, well mostly next weekend which I am very excited about, so things will turn around. I just know it.

Here's to a full nights rest.



Anonymous said...


Sorry that Eliza is not feeling well and has that posttussive stuff going on. Poor thing. :( Hope she had a better night and everyone got some sleep.

Thinking about you today and sending prayers and hugs as you travel to the specialist. Remember to tell that doctor that we think the world of you, so he should treat you as if you are the most important lady on his schedule this afternoon. WE expect nothing less! ;)


Anonymous said...

I will have to look into that book! I have a growing mound of books on my bedside, and I am determined to start and finish the new Beth Moore book. I love books...too much! Ha!

Momastery said...

Tricia, Just wanted to make sure you check out Momastery today. Thinking of you.