Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lazy Day

After church today we spent the majority of the afternoon outside. The boys were very active, using their imaginations, playing and overall getting along wonderfully. Life without video games is turning out to be great!

They started out playing golf, which led to hitting the balls into the woods.
I think that is Ethan, but I can't be certain. Nope, the above picture is Owen. Ethan was wearing a blue shirt.
Ethan also pulled another tick off of him tonight. Ick!

Eliza stayed on the deck for the most part and played with whatever she could get her hands on. Here she is with lips that go with a straw that Aunt Jan sent Owen.
So serious with her possessions.
She did this a lot....
so we put up this.
Ethan asked me how he and Owen were going to get back on the porch and I told him they were going to have to sleep in their log cabin tonight. He said but it is dirty and I told him he better start cleaning it. He had a look on his face like he wasn't quite sure if I was serious of not. But of course, I told him I was kidding and he let a little smile shine through.
We played monkey in the middle.
And Eliza was the cheerleader.
You probably noticed a sudden change in her clothing. She was doing ok until she found one of the boys dump trucks full of water and started splashing around in it. She was soaked, so we striped her down. She didn't care.
Yay for Sundays!


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Rebecca said...

Oh, the cuteness of that sweet girl in her diaper! It sounds like you all had a great day.