Tuesday, April 20, 2010

One That is Not Ours

I went to my bible study tonight and Chris was responsible for getting the children in the bed. I gave them all baths before I left so he would have one less thing to do on his own. He said after he put Eliza to bed, he and the boys were playing in the play room and Owen said he was thirsty. He asked Chris if he could have some orange juice and Chris said no (three cheers for Chris!), then he asked if he could have some milk and Chris said no (three more cheers for Chris!), then he asked if he could have some water and Chris said yes. So Owen headed downstairs to the kitchen to get a drink of water. I have put their tupperware tumbler cups in a cabinet where the boys can get to them precisely for this reason. They are ALWAYS thirsty. So Owen was downstairs for awhile and the following dialogue took place.

Owen: Daddy can you come down here?

Chris: No, why?

Owen: Daddy I need you to come down here.

Chris: Owen, why?

Owen: There is a different cat down here.

Chris: What do you mean?

Owen: One that is not ours.

So Chris went downstairs to see what he was talking about and Owen had let Kenny (one of our neighborhood cats that we feed) inside. So there sat Kenny and Harry staring at each other, I am quite certain getting ready to brawl. Harry took off around the corner and Chris kindly escorted Kenny back outside. Owen insisted he didn't let Kenny in the house, he was only trying to feed him.

I am laughing until I am crying. One that is not ours. Owen is hilarious.

Sorry to say I still haven't taken any pictures the past couple of days. Ethan did have a field trip yesterday and Chris went instead of me since I had my doctor's appointment, but he didn't take any pictures. One of the other parents did, but we can't figure out how to download them from Kodak Gallery. I need to email the parent and ask.

So there's your chuckle for today. Hope everyone had a great Tuesday!


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Glennon said...

thanks for ending my evening with an AWESOME laugh. one that is not ours.
I LOVE it!

aren't these the stories that make you grateful to have a blog...so you'll remember that forever?