Thursday, April 29, 2010


When Chris and I met I had no idea what impact his family would have on me over the years to come. I didn't know at the time how many children he and I would go on to have. How those children would touch my life; change my life and in turn draw me closer to his family. I had know idea the ways I would grow. How my heart would stretch. How I would come to learn the depths of love in a family. Not that I didn't experience love in my own family. But as my life has evolved since my mother passed away my definition of family and love has also evolved. I think my mother would be so very pleased with where I am in my life right now. I think she would be thrilled with the new family I have now in my in laws, whom I really don't consider in laws. Aren't the words in laws used to describe those brutal mother-in-law/daughter-in-law relationships that make for very bad Hollywood movies? I don't know anything about those types of in laws. Mine are fantastic.

Last night Chris was baptized at our church. It was a wonderful moment for me to experience and even more because his mother and father drove down for the occasion. 6+ hours one way only to turn around the next day and drive back home. That's what family does. They are there for the big events; the weddings, the births, the funerals, the baptisms. Because it is important. They are there when you think no one else will be. They can bring the feeling of home to you when you can't get home. I am so very grateful for this gift of family.


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Anonymous said...

Glad the baptism went well! So happy Chris' parents drove in for the special day. That really made my heart fuzz up. BIG TIME. :0)

I pray that one day my parents' and sibs' hearts will soften so that maybe they, too, can know Him. It's been a heartache for me...for a long while.

It's such a sweet thing to receive Jesus as your Savior. I am so happy for you, Chris!!! Hugs! BIG hugs!!!