Saturday, April 10, 2010

There's a First Time for Everything

I told him he could have ice cream for dinner. Popcorn for dessert. Play video games on daddy's projector. And with each temptation, Owen's head would jerk around and he would nod his head YES as hard as he could.

Finally, after more drama and crying than I care to think about.............
It's out. Our first tooth.
He's had ice cream for dinner as promised.
He called Aunt Jan and was going to call Mimi but ran way up there before I had a chance to get him on the phone.
I am sure he is going to be calling soon though because he is telling everyone that he thinks they should send him a prize.

And in other news.....

Baby moved up to her big girl car seat today.
I think she likes sitting more upright and having more leg room. Plus she can see her brothers better now.
And just because this outfit is so stinkin' cute.
She is moving into her 6-12 month dresses I bought last year at the beach. This one was going to be her church dress for tomorrow but I thought it was too cute to take off today. So we will go with red tomorrow.
Wagon wheels and ice cream. It's what's for dinner.


1 comment:

Cary Hairbows said...

Congrats on losing a tooth! That is big news!!

Feasting on wagonwheels and ice cream for dinner doesn't sound so bad.....