Thursday, April 1, 2010

Gardening 101

The boys received a package from the Easter bunny yesterday. It was 2 gardening kits that included the tools, seeds and cups for planting. They were so excited to get started.
First mixing the dirt.
Filling the cups with dirt.
Dropping the seeds in.
More dirt on top.
And labeling the cups.
The labels say peppers and beans, but the seed packets said peppers and tomatoes. We will have to wait and see what actually pops up.Eliza was all smiles this afternoon. She is starting to balance herself standing up without holding onto anything.
I should also mention that the boys have checked on their seeds no less than 10 times since we planted them and Ethan is already complaining that it is taking tooooooo long. And you should read that in your best whiny voice. Goodness knows I am having to listen to it. Patience child.

We also went to church tonight for Maundy Thursday. There were a few laughs out of the preacher but for the most part it was a very solemn service. They passed the wafers and juice and we went through the ceremony. The boys didn't partake, only Chris and I. And don't you know both boys started crying and whining when we left the church saying they were sooooooooo hungry and mommy and daddy got to have a snack and some juice, why couldn't they? Just treasures, I tell you. They are just treasures.



Anonymous said...


Your pictures are beautiful! Looks like so much fun.

I wish my current church had Maundy Thursday services. My old church had the service held in very dim light. It was a moving experience and very solemn.

My daughter asked why a day in which Jesus was nailed to a cross is considered "Good" Friday. I love these inquisitive minds. His great sacrifice and eternal gifts are all good. It was a great teaching moment. I love this entire week. Have a wonderful Easter!


Anonymous said...

And how cute is that bandana! My hubby needs one of those in the sun. ;)