Friday, April 23, 2010


We have permanently done away with letting the boys play video games and tv time has been cut to a bare minimum too. Their behavior tends to be way better the less screen time they have - isn't that what psychologists have been saying for awhile? So tonight we are playing games.
Owen is still learning how to play games. He is not a good listener, except when he wants to be a good listener. Which is rarely ever.
He wants to do his own counting and even when he counts wrong and I try to help him put his game piece on the right space he argues with me.
He isn't old enough to understand how to cheat. But Ethan, oh dear, Ethan.
Ethan knows exactly how to cheat but he isn't really sneaky about it.
I like my children so much better sans video games and sugar.


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Anonymous said...

I have noticed the same with Caroline (1/2 box of Entemanns chocolate chips and perpetual icarly= sass mouth). I can't stand TV. Or anything icarly.

Love the designated game night! That's awesome!!