Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bike Rides and Such

What. a. night. last. night. Eliza was up for about 2 hours crying and then Ethan ended up in bed with us. I was literally shocked that we were able to pull it together and get out the door to church this morning.

Ethan was waking when I was getting out of the shower and I asked him if the tooth fairy came to see him last night. He nodded yes. I asked him what he got and he held up the letter that he found in his pillow. He looked so disappointed. I asked him what it says and he shrugged his shoulders. So I read it to him and then asked him if he checked under his pillow. He ran in his room and came back with his t shirt. Still not thrilled but better than the letter. Ha!

The boys and Chris worked in the yard a bit this afternoon.
And Eliza played in her car.
One of the boys worked harder than the other. One always does.
I tell this one that he acts more like PawPaw; more of a supervisor than a worker.

Then we decided to pack up the bikes and go for a ride on the Tobacco Trail.
I don't know how often we are going to do this. They complained the entire time.
Too hot. Too thirsty. Too hard. Too sweaty. Too tired. Too hungry.
Once they got started, they did alright. But if they stopped peddling or had to peddle harder to make it up a hill. It was over.
Clearly, they need more practice doing this and less practice with Mario Jumps on Heads.
So we will work on it. And I know once they get the hang of it, they will love riding bikes. At least I did as a kid. But then I was never good at video games either. Hey, I might be onto something there.
How cute are little baby sandals? I love them.
She started out strong. But we lost her not too far into the walk.
Must have been the warmth of the sun, the cool breeze of the wind and the rocking of the stroller. It all adds up to a good nap.


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