Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Eliza You Are 9 Months Today!

Happy Birthday sweet girl! My, oh my, how time is flying by.
Just look at you! I can hardly believe it myself!
You are standing with ease now and will even go from sitting to standing, find your balance and then clap for yourself. You know you are doing something big and it is so exciting to watch your confidence sore.
You are cruising around the furniture now and will occasionally let go and take a step before sitting back down and starting over. You received a walker for Easter and although it was challenging at first to find the right speed and balance to walk with it, you now do it with ease.
You are trying more and more foods and for the most part I give you what ever we are having for dinner sans any meat, if nothing else just so you can practice picking it up and chewing. I would say 80% of what I give you makes its way to your mouth. And you love to eat and try new things! Tonight I gave you a bite of lime yogurt and although at first your mouth puckered from the sour, you quickly wanted another bite. So far you are a fairly adventurous eater. I hope we can keep that up.
I haven't weighed you lately, but I would guess you are at least 20 pounds. You are wearing your 6-12 month clothes now which I am really excited about because you have several cute dresses in that size range.
You have moved up to your toddler car seat even though it is still facing backwards. I think you like the extra leg room and I know the fabric is far softer.
Your hair is growing much the same way the boys did, longer and thicker in the back and shorter and thinner on the top. I love seeing the little strands of hair blowing in the wind though. Still not quite long enough for a small barrette but one day.
You have discovered the stairs, but haven't mastered how to climb them yet. It will only be a matter of weeks though.
You are studying them. Intently.
Your have only said Bye Bye a couple of times and mostly just wave. You still babble a lot and daddy is sure you can say and know who dada is, but I am not so sure. I say you are still babbling. You have recently taken a turn back towards me. I thought I had lost you to your daddy already, but lately you are 100% a mama's girl.
I ask myself all the time where did my baby go. It seems like you are growing twice as fast as your brothers did. One of our favorite times with you is in the morning when you lay in bed with us to drink your morning bottle.
I think you are going to be blessed with amazing eye lashes like your brothers. I say this all the time, but you are such a light in our lives. God was really showing off when he created you.

Happy 9 months Sweetheart!



Momastery said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Baby Girl.
What a doll. Lucky mama, lucky baby.

Our Curly Girls said...

Eliza--You are such a pretty baby girl! Your mama needs to put heavier bows on your head so that you stop sprouting so fast. We can arrange that!! ;)

I can't believe how quickly you have turned into a young lady! Kisses!!!!

Amy said...

Love the dress!!! She is too cute!