Friday, April 30, 2010

Home is Where Your Story Begins

A couple of years ago I bought this little bird house at 90% off at CVS.
It was after July 4th and I think it was all of 50 cents. I thought it was cute, somewhat Americana and let's be honest, it was just 50 cents. I have had it in a box for the past couple of years and when we moved to our new house I pulled it out and just stuck it outside on the back deck. I was actually just procrastinating throwing it away because it seemed kind of out of place out there. But then this little one started showing up.
We have watched this bird for hours come and go and each time the bird would bring a worm, drop it off in the house then go off for another one.
This repeated countless times over the weekend. And each time the bird was so very cautious to watch her surroundings before flying into the house.

Yesterday we were sitting out on the deck after dinner watching the boys play and Chris said he thought for sure he could hear chirping. He asked if I thought there were babies in the house so I took a peek. And sure enough, I saw at least 5 baby bird beaks wide open chirping for their dinner. Precious. It reminded me of when the children were infants and they would start to "chirp" when they were hungry. I used to ask them if they were singing for their dinner. Their little mouths would start going like baby birds until they were happily eating.

I told Chris it doesn't matter how big your house is. How much you paid for it. How much it is worth now. A family makes a home. And I am sure this momma bird is so very proud of her babies, just like I am of mine. How exciting it will be to see them each fly out of their home when they get older. And to know my little clearanced bird house is where their story is beginning.


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Anonymous said...

A family does make a home...and what a story to share! YAY for 50 cent homes!!