Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Bayou My Baby

This is going to be another post about Owen.......he likes for me to sing lullabies to him at night while I am rocking him and I usually sing Hush Little Baby and occasionally I will sing Bayou My Baby. I don't know if any of you have ever heard Bayou My Baby, but I swear it is just something my grandmother made up when the boys were infants. It has no words except Bayou My Baby, over and over and over again. Well, tonight I finished singing two rounds of Hush Little Baby, which by the way, Owen is starting to remember the words and then he said sing My Baby. I said what do you mean, my baby, and he said again sing My Baby. So I started singing Bayou My Baby and that was exactly what he wanted to hear. He even started singing it with me. I sang it over and over several times and tried to stop and he said no, sing My Baby. So I did it a few more times until he started to get sleepy. Very sweet. Who would have thought a song that I thought my grandmother made up on the spot would be so popular.

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