Saturday, September 13, 2008

2 Steps Forward and a HUGE Step Back

We were doing so good. Ethan did awesome in his last soccer practice. He loved swim lessons Thursday night and then something happened today. I don't know what else I would have tried damage control but at today's soccer game he absolutely refused to even go on the field. *sigh* His preschool teacher from his previous class came to watch him today and maybe that was it. He is only 4 years old and could be experiencing performance anxiety. Oh dear. We all sat around patiently and at times not so patiently trying to tell him how good he is, how proud we are of him, heck even bribing him with donuts and new Wii games. Nothing worked. He wasn't budging. So the game ended, we walked back to the car and that was that. We will try again next time.

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