Monday, September 1, 2008

Whew! I think we are over the hump....

Ethan had his first soccer game 2 weeks ago. It was the kick off to the fall soccer season and appropriately named Super Soccer Saturday. His team played two games, don't fret, they were only 15 minutes each and 30 minutes apart. The first game he predictably clammed up, cried, wouldn't leave my side, wouldn't talk to the coach, nor even look at her. All I could think was, you have got to be kidding me, did I really just pay $100 bucks for a t shirt that is too big and bug bites all over my legs???? When he continued to refuse to go in and play I told him we were going home. Owen was running all over the place, bugs were biting me, the sun was blazing down and overall, it just wasn't fun. Well, he refused to leave. Great! The first game came and went without him so much as getting off my lap. Between games, Chris took him to the side and started kicking with him. He started to loosen up a bit and then the coach came over to kick with him. Next thing you know all the kids on the team are around kicking and playing. I am thinking, we may be on to something. Time for game two. YES! He went in and not only did he run up and down the field and play - he SCORED! This was just the confidence booster he needed. He turned around to look at me and of course I was clapping for him. The sweetest grin came over his face and suddenly the bug bites seemed worth it. He was having fun. This past weekend his Aunt Jan and Uncle Alvin came down to see him play. It was only a practice but they still scrimmaged 2 on 2 for about 5 minutes. Every time he got the ball or kicked it in the net he looked up for his Aunt Jan to make sure she was watching and every time she was clapping and overjoyed that she could be there watching. He loved it. We went out to eat after and then to get ice cream. I think we have successfully conquered the soccer hurdle. He genuinely seems happy to want to play and proud of himself afterward. Next is swim lessons. Wish me luck. :-

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