Saturday, October 31, 2009

No Tricks, Just Treats

Today has been filled with anticipation of trick or treating. From the time they woke up this morning, it has been on their minds. One of Ethan's friends called this afternoon to ask if Ethan could go trick or treating with him, so around 6.00 they put their costumes on

and we were off.

Eliza did pretty well. She hung in there until about 7.30 and I had to bring her home. She was more than happy to take her bath, eat and go to bed. All that candy isn't good for a girl's figure, you know?

Chris stayed out with the boys, Cristian and Cristian's mom until about 8.30 and then they headed home too. We dumped their candy out on the floor and just look.

Have you ever seen some much candy? We went to one house that you walked into and they literally had baskets and baskets full of vending machine trinkets, candy, bouncy balls, beach balls, beanie babies, you name it. Cristian had been there before so wasn't as amazed as the boys were. But I think Ethan and Owen could have stayed there all night. Owen kept asking me "Mommy, can I have this too?" I later learned that the woman's brother runs a vending machine business so she buys these little trinkets by the box load just for the children on Halloween. What fun!
They each got to pick a couple of pieces of candy when they got home to eat tonight and the rest gets put into the pirate bag to be rationed out. Ethan has discovered these candy rings and loves them. I think because they last so long. He has also learned how to negotiate Owens' candy away from him. Such a manipulator.

Owen is a boy after my own heart though. His favorite was the Reese's peanut butter cups. Yummy! I tend to agree with him.

And then there is this sweet little thing that had to get up when the boys got back home. She didn't get any candy but she was definitely interested in the bright colored wrappers and the boys bouncing off the walls.

We had a great time and my little super heros are sound asleep.

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