Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Card 2010 - Finally!

I have finally decided on a Christmas card for this year and I am so excited to order them. They are from Shutterfly and love their designs. I have looked at many other sites trying to find something that I like better and I keep coming back to Shutterfly. I have come up with at least 5 different designs (possibly more!) trying to decide on "the one" and I finally have it. At least I think do. I have been known to change my mind at the last minute. :-) The thing is, they have sooooo many designs to choose from that aren't just the same ole design different formatting or colors, they are completely unique. So this has been tough to say the least. Here are a few that I like though.

I love the funky colors.

The monogramming.

And I love that you can choose more than one photo.

They have cards that are religious

as well as holiday cards.

The past several years I have ordered calendars for family members as Christmas gifts (and yes, you will be getting another one this year as soon as I can get some photos for December to add). Everyone always raves about the calendars and cannot wait to turn to the next month to see who is the star. Chris started doing this for me the first Christmas we had Ethan. Everyone wanted to know where he ordered it from and over the years it has grown into the default gift for all our family members.

So go check them out and see if you can guess which card you will be receiving this year.

**Shutterfly is sponsoring this post by offering 50 free Christmas cards. However, my opinions are still my own**

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